2018 Full of Leadership for the Common Good

As the year comes to a close, Sound Alliance is celebrating our accomplishments and getting ready for the new year.

In 2018, we executed on our mission, developing everyday leaders to work together towards the common good:

  • Immigrant Rights. Sound Alliance leaders organized Know Your Rights workshops to train the whole community in utilizing their constitutional rights when questioned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  At our recent assembly, leaders secured commitments from 12 institutions to hold similar trainings for front-line staff and volunteers to give them tools to deal with ICE should they come to their institutions’ buildings.

  • Equity in Physical Education and Activity (Project ENGAGE). Sound Alliance, working with our partners at SHAPE Washington, formed a strong committee of leaders, meeting with County Councilmembers in King and Pierce Counties to support their campaign to access a new funding source to increase access to high-quality physical activity opportunities in schools.  At our recent assembly, they secured a commitment from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to support their campaign in general and also to help safeguard the funding in the legislative session.

  • Building and diversifying Sound Alliance’s base. We welcomed a new member institution, St. Vincent de Paul: King County.  We held three leadership institutes to train new leaders including one in Pierce County, and a bilingual training.

  • New Video for Outreach. And last but not least, responding to our leaders requesting an outreach tool, we debuted a new video describing our work organizing everyday people to act together for positive change. Watch it here if you have not already, and, better yet share it with someone who you think may be interested in getting involved!


Know Your Rights Training

Know Your Rights Training, June 2018

Looking forward to 2019

The Sound Alliance plans to continue to grow our leadership base, starting with two Leadership Institutes in early winter.  Also, we will host a Leaders Retreat on January 27.  Contact Dorothy Gibson if you are interested.

Sound Alliance leaders will organize in the legislative session and in King and Pierce counties to protect funding for physical education and physical activity in schools, and continue to do outreach on the whole-child benefits of the Project ENGAGE campaign. 

Leaders will also follow up on assembly commitments, aiding institutions in holding Know Your Rights trainings to protect more immigrants. 

A group of Sound Alliance leaders has recently formed in South King County with the aim of defending and supporting the Federal Way Day Center, as well as expanding our efforts to confront the broader homelessness issues in the county.

In this polarizing time, people are searching for ways to build relationships and find common ground in order to take action. Sound Alliance is here to provide these very tools. Will you consider donating to Sound Alliance to support everyday leaders taking action together!?


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A very happy holiday season to you and yours, and a happy new year!