Better Together

Even during the global pandemic, our members and organizers continued to work together for the common good. 


We launched a Virtual Listening Season to hear from our member organizations. Alliance members organized Zoom meetings to hear what was weighing on the hearts and minds of our community at large. The question we put forward was: "The pandemic has highlighted and deepened the inequities and pressures we face. What are the pressures impacting you and the people you care most about in your family and community?"


We listened and learned. Thanks to the work of leaders in our member organizations, we came very close to our goal of listening to 1,000 members! Hundreds of our members made themselves vulnerable to share the pressures that we are facing: grief, stress, isolation, reckoning. And then came the time to reflect on those stories, find the community issues within them, and come together to take action.


At our June Assembly, we created new Research Action teams. Everyone had a chance to talk together in small groups and then weigh in on our priorities: Housing, Mental Health, and Racial Justice. We already have a Research Action Team on Housing and will add to our list of existing teams (Housing, Indoor Air Quality, and Debt). By engaging new leaders and hosting research action trainings for members, we are positioned to take action on these community issues in 2023.


We established Sound Alliance United -- the 501(c)3 arm to our work. As a charitable organization, Sound Alliance United hosts all of our non-lobbying work, such as leadership development and community trainings. You can support Sound Alliance United here with a tax-deductible donation.


We welcomed a new member institution. Now, the Health Equity Circle of Tacoma Community College is a part of the Alliance!