Highlights from our All Leaders Retreat

On January 21, 2023, Sound Alliance welcomed its leaders to an All Leaders' Retreat at St. John United Lutheran Church in Seattle. Here's some highlights: 

Pastor Anna Rieke opened the meeting with a beautiful reflection on how vital our work is post-pandemic. The keynote, “Ready to Imagine”: A Call for Creative Architects, was given by Anjanette Vaidya. The talk highlighted the opportunity shifting times has afforded us and the importance of an inspired and creative reimagining of our structures and systems. Leaders were called on to examine not only what they want to build, but why they want to build, and to harness this passion into planned impacts. 

In the workshops, our leaders were able to expand on these considerations by moving through a series of group discussions and activities. We considered: Why am I personally ready for change? In the work of possible futures, what values do we want to center? What are the issues that matter the most to me? What can I commit to? Leaders shared updates on the campaigns they feel passionately about and detailed the scope and impact of their goals in group discussions. Wrestling with the Truth of Colonization, Mental Health, and Recognizing the Stranger emerged as campaigns that leaders were most excited about. Brief updates on our Housing and Clean Air 4 Kids campaigns were also included. 

A recognition ceremony led by August Drake-Ericson honored the work that Mary Jo Shannon, Steve Pulkkinen, Diane Dobrowolski, Roberta Ray, and Rosalinda Aguirre have done in our communities. August was then recognized as well. Closing circle and remarks were given by Rosalinda Aguirre and Mary Jo Shannon, respectively. 

After a full day, Sound Alliance emerged refreshed and reenergized. In the coming weeks, our challenge is not only to be “ready to imagine another world”, but to be “ready to fight for it” as we continue our work together for the common good.