The housing crisis is overwhelming our region. This action team seeks to figure out how to keep people housed, and for those who aren't housed, ensure there are services across the region that move people back into secure housing. With more and more Washingtonians facing eviction, homelessness, and the related risk of COVID, the mission of the Housing team is more urgent than ever.


Sound Alliance is building regional housing teams in South King County, Seattle, and Pierce County. Recently, the team has been instrumental in collaborating with the Health through Housing initiative passed by the King County Council earlier this year which seeks to provide permanent housing and wraparound services to an estimated 2000 people in the area. Providing needed resources and support grants our neighbors without housing the chance to get back on their feet. At this stage, the team is currently working on building community power in the area and collaborating with elected officials to assess possible barriers to the implementation of the Health through Housing plan. 


In response to the combined stressors of the economic downturn and the ongoing pandemic, the Housing team has also been an outspoken supporter of the temporary eviction moratorium, and advocates for the extension of the moratorium through March 31st, 2021. As a short-term solution, the moratorium ensures that our neighbors stay housed this winter and that a wave of evictions does not trigger a super-spread of COVID-19, as studies warn. Sound Alliance recently wrote to Governor Inslee, urging him to extend the eviction moratorium.


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