Organizing During COVID-19

What is Sound Alliance doing during the COVID-19 Crisis? 

  • Fighting to ensure people’s stimulus money is not garnished by debt collectors.
    • Debt collection agencies were incorrectly categorized as “essential” businesses during the COVID-19 Crisis. While Governor Inslee placed a moratorium on consumer debt collection until May 14, it still allows for collection in general, and allows garnishment of non-consumer debt; like traffic fines, court debt, etc. Sound Alliance is demanding Governor Inslee to place debt collection agencies in the “nonessential” business category during this crisis. 
    • Click here to learn more about this campaign.
  • Demanding that undocumented immigrants and their families are included in COVID-19 relief funds. 
    • Sound Alliance, along with 430 organizations, is calling on Governor Inslee to include undocumented immigrants in COVID-19 relief funds through the Washington Worker Relief Fund. This fund provides economic assistance to the over 250,000 undocumented workers in Washington. 
    • Our team is also looking past the COVID-19 crisis, demanding Governor Inslee create a permanent system which gives undocumented immigrants access to unemployment insurance.
    • Click here to learn more about this campaign.

  • Creating connections across communities to make sure everyone has access to resources.
    • Sound Alliance leaders are working within their member institutions to stay connected with people who are socially isolated due to the pandemic. We are focused on making connections across communities to ensure everyone has the support they need to weather this crisis.
    • We will update this campaign as more details are secured.